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My Cameras and "Gear"

We all like to look at nice photos and to be able to take photos we are happy with. On occasion I am asked "What camera do you use?" So here's the little beauty behind 99% of my photos - a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35. We bought it early last year before our March family driving holiday. Our first digital was reaching the end of its useful life so after a bit of online research, my husband and I chose this Lumix, purchasing it online from Asia (cheaper). Cameras, as with much technology, are often quickly superseded so I'm not sure if this model is even still available (the new DMC-FZ40 has even better specs).

I have photographed it here beside some of my regular 6" x 4" prints so as you can have a better idea of it's dimensions. It has a 27mm wide lens, 18 x optical zoom and 12 mega pixels. It is not an SLR, nor pocket-size, but neither is it too bulky or heavy to carry all day. I use the Intelligent auto setting most of the time.

Above is my cheap, snug camera bag which I purchased locally, taking my camera with me to try out for what suited me best. I fits my camera plus a spare battery in a front pocket. One day I should buy a lens cleaning cloth too. The camera bag came with a strong shoulder strap which I don't usually use as I generally pop my (only) handbag and this camera bag into a larger waterproof shoulder bag when out for the day - both fit neatly end to end.

Last Christmas we bought this little pocket camera, fantastic to take along in your pocket for a walk or slip in my handbag for those just-in-case times. Also great for when I don't need a big zoom or don't want to risk sand/dust/water damage to my "good" camera. The prints in this photo were taken with the Canon, as well as the two photos above of the Lumix.

So that's about it! No extra lenses (although some are available for the Lumix). I have used an old tripod during the last week a couple of times but am not convinced of it's usefulness yet. Over the last week or two I have also experimented with using a sheet of black cardboard to provide a better background in some shots. I happened to have some 12"x12" black card from my scrapbooking supplies, so just grabbed that. Today I was reading that black velour is a good option too as it's non-reflective and would be more easily transported too. I'm not an expert at photography at all, but I do enjoy taking photos! All the more fun when I can share them with you too  ;)
NB I edit most of my photos, using iPhoto which we already had as part of a software package.

UPDATE: February 2012 I bought a Raynox Super Macro Conversion Lens (DCR-250) and adaptor ring. It's wonderful. You read about it and can see it with my camera here.

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