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The Tale of Mr Turtle

Once upon a time......... early last year, the children found this baby turtle slowly walking on the cement in our backyard. Apparently it had wondered from the river a few streets away. The children were very keen to adopt him as our new pet, however there were a few problems with this, including our extended planned road trip beginning the following week!

To satisfy all curiosity we kept him for the night, then made a quick visit to the local pet shop the next morning. There we were informed that these turtles are difficult to look after in captivity and it would be best to release him back by the river. I think the pet shop owner could detect my reluctance to keep him, despite the children's eagerness to do otherwise! ("Did I give the right answer?" he asked me as we were leaving.)

 So home we went, collected Mr Turtle and with the children taking turns holding him, we walked to the river. Some were more eager than others to be close and personal with Mr Turtle!

One more goodbye from everyone then Mr Turtle was rather reluctantly set free.....

and he lived happily ever after.......

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