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This Week v's January

Mid January our river was at major flood levels and came within inches of over-topping the flood levy walls. Our town thankfully was spared, unlike many others which suffered major flooding during our Australian summer (some more than once).

This was the third major flood scare in our town within ten years. Definitely too close for comfort.

In fact, not too far from home the water was seeping through, inside the wall, being pumped out by a fire engine pump. Throughout the night we could not only hear the roar of the river but also trucks working, dumping multiple loads of dirt into a large hole which had mysteriously opened up, swelling with water near our street, inside the wall. Six months of continuous work later and our local council/government has only just this week finished replacing a lengthy section of older storm water drain which was failing.

We have decluttered more, changed insurance companies to one which includes flood cover, and become even more aware of God's grace in our lives. Our happiness, or indeed contentment, does not depend on having more, or fewer possessions but on knowing His peace and grace in our lives. I choose to be constantly grateful for all that is truly good and beautiful in each day, and of these things there is no end.

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