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Australian Sunday


Church fence

On the march!

Tree fern frond

Four of my six lovely daughters

Welcome to Sunday! All the photos above are taken at our church, after today's service.
 Beautiful sunny almost-spring day in our corner of the world, so much fresher after yesterday's rain.
 A time for refreshing, new grace and love unending.

Early this morning I was looking carefully at a poppy bud, pointed high but showing no signs of opening. About half an hour later I glanced outside and look what I saw! I'm wondering if they are called poppies because that pop open so quickly!!!! A lovely salmon pink this time.

The smell of fresh bread in the house is a joy. I made a couple of loaves this afternoon, nothing too fancy, a healthy bread mix made by hand and eaten warm. Some bread for our physical life.

Today's delicate salmon poppy in the late afternoon light, a beautiful sight to remember today by.
 Hoping your week is a safe one, filled with beauty, wonder and gratefulness.

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