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Bright Spot

10 am Yesterday

Ok, I admit it, I'm fascinated by the growth and development of plants, particularly their flowers. A week ago I planted out two punnets of gazania seedlings, some of which already had buds. Most days I wander around our garden at least once, camera around my neck, observing and recording on camera what is or isn't happening.

Each day this week I have checked this gazania bud, looking carefully for any perceptible changes and finding none. Then yesterday morning the action started! Every time I looked there was further opening and development, much to my excitement and amazement. 

9:40 Yesterday


No man can make anything of such intricate design and beauty, only God can create something as marvellous and alive! Look at the brilliant colours and structure of each unfolding "petal".


Tigerland gazania, open to the sunshine. Look at the tiny true flowers beginning to pop open in the centre - aren't they stunning!

11:20 Yesterday

Such a large flower for a tiny, growing plant!

12:20 Yesterday

Only an hour later and the whole ring of outer flowers has burst into life. Mid-afternoon the sky clouded over and showers came. The gazania half closed and continued to tighten overnight........

8:30am Today 

11am Today

11:40 Today

...... only to unwind and spring back into full bloom by mid-morning today.
 Thank you for watching with me.

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