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Edible Beauty

As much as I love the beauty of flowers, I equally appreciate the visual delights of our few edible plants. This afternoon I went looking in our garden, between showers, to see what I could find. My style of gardening tends to be a mix of organic and low maintenance/neglect with mixed results......

Next to our pool we have parsley, chives, silver beet, spinach and a huge curry plant as well as some Australian natives, poppies and other young decorative plants. This paling fence was replaced 12 months ago so we have been working on establishing a replacement garden there.

I love having some fresh clean silver beet to add to omelettes and salads. I'm rather fond of this plant, finding it quite eye-catching.

A mix of snow peas, sugar snap and ordinary peas provide early "birds" with little snacks.

 Above is our broccoli plant which has bolted to flower and seed. The children tend to believe I only plant broccoli to support their caterpillar growing activites which they have eagerly pursued over winter. Now the flowers are attracting bees, ready subjects for budding photographers.

We have a row of broad beans still flowering, no pods visible as yet.

Chosen as a favourite in LEM challenge.

And lots of self-sown tom thumb tomato seedlings are poking their heads up, hoping for spring.

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