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Flavour of the Week

The children love cooking, especially something sweet to eat. The favourites for the last week have been lamingtons and decorated cupcakes, all made from scratch. Here you can see Miss V (7) and Miss N (13) completing their lamingtons. Yesterday they made a plain cake slab, cut it into cubes and froze it for easier handling. This afternoon they are dipping them in thin chocolate icing then coating them in desiccated coconut. They are very nice, although I usually avoid most sweet things myself (except for dark chocolate).

Something a little different.....Master T is allergic to cocoa, so he made these earlier in the week adding a little food colouring instead of cocoa!

NB Lamingtons are a traditional Australian food which explains why many of you have not heard of them before. They are very nice, especially homemade ones, and they freeze well too.

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