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Grevillea Obtusifolia Gingin Gem


I have a renewed love of our Australian native plants, realising how unique they truly are after receiving so many curious responses to earlier posts featuring our natives. Several areas of our garden are in need of more plants and natives are a favourite of my husband as well as with our local birds and butterflies. Here's one I have bought, acclimatising to our yard while I work out the best placement for it. I've enjoyed  having a closer look at the small flowers and taking photos of this particular one over a few days.




You can see how small these flower heads are. The one I have been photographing is the one on the middle/front.

This morning, settling in after last night's rain.

The tag says it's a vigorous, dense, ground cover which grows to 40cm (16") high and 3m/yds wide.
Looks like a wonderfully useful and attractive plant, let's hope it will grow where I have just planted it.

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