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It's Time

When I began blogging seven months ago I had no idea I would love sharing my photos and pieces of my life as much as I do. I have also been thoroughly delighted to discover so many beautiful people and their wonderful blogs. Looking into the world of others, particularly their photos, adds joy and beauty to my days.

However I am finding I don't have enough time to enjoy browsing others blogs and continue returning comments as much as I have been. With my family and home responsibilities (eight children, homeschooling etc) I need to be very wise with my time.

I hope you all understand. I don't want to close my blog or stop posting as it gives me so much joy. I have also found blogging and reading others blogs has been wonderfully inspiring and helped me improve my photography skills and to look into the world around me on a whole new level.

So.....I have decided to change my "comments" policy and will have to discipline myself to not return visits and comments as much as I would like......Thank you for listening and your support. I SO appreciate my followers and other visitors and will continue to read and treasure all your comments (and peak into your worlds as much as I can manage).

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