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Summer's Coming!

You can feel the warmth in the air, see the haze in the sky and the new growth beginning in many of the plants. Summer is on its way, ready of not. The children love summer and can't wait. They look forward to  cooling off and playing in our backyard pool.

 Four of our children play cricket all through our long hot spring-summer eagerly anticipating each training session and game. They have worn a permanent dirt track through our back lawn where they run and practice bowling to their bat-wielding siblings (they have begun practicing already).

Spring and summer also mean family holidays at the grandparents who live by the sea. Lots of swimming, fishing and beach play.

Add to this Christmas, our 6 week long annual school holidays plus 9 out of 10 of our family birthdays fall through spring and summer and I guess there's much for the children to look forward to. Personally I'm not so keen on summer for the downsides of the above happenings and the long hot humid days and nights, yet each season has its own joys and pleasures to be savoured and lived fully. Do you have a favourite season?

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