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A Mopey Morning

Our lives have been so busy lately that it seems to me to be a miracle when I have the chance to sit down and write a blog.

Today I woke up in a bad mood. I was tired from a fitful night’s sleep, and I was not looking forward to a day of work at the library. My co-worker and I had planned a Fancy Nancy party for girls and their moms and a Father-Son Marble Amusement Park Building party. Both events, of course, turned out to be lots of fun.

On days like today, I have to remind myself how much I would have loved to get dressed up with my mom and go to a tea party to play games and eat dainty food. And I have to remember the fun of seeing a dad and his son constructing a ‘ride’ for a marble together. Usually the boys want to take all the toilet paper tubes, plastic containers, egg cartons, and PVC pipe home with them when they are done so they can reconstruct their masterpiece at home. Do we let them take our toilet paper tubes? Oh, yes.

Before I left for the library, however, I was feeling mopey. Mopey about not having many friends in this new town yet. Mopey because of college friendships that are changing because of being long-distance. Mopey about our erratic work schedules and how that affects Mopey Item Number 1. Mopey about family being so far away. Mopey about the clutter around our house. And about a scrapbook that will  never be completed because I don’t own scrapbooking tools and am far away from my mom, whom I used to always scrapbook with. Oh, there was so very much to be mopey about.

Now, since arriving home from the two parties at the library, I am feeling much better about life as I know it. As was mentioned, sitting down to write a blog with spare time feels like a miracle, so I am trying to treasure it as such by burning a delicious smelling candle next to me and creating some creativity ambiance.

Please no comments as to whether creativity ambiance was achieved.

Part of my discontent, I’m sure, is rooted in the fact that I am overly ambitious on starting projects. Because I have so many projects going at once, I never seem to finish any of them very quickly.

Here’s a complete list of ‘project piles’ sitting around the house, physically or symbolically:

  • ESL lesson materials for our ESL class
  • Spanish materials for my Spanish class
  • Letters to respond to
  • Prayer notebook I started to create (see picture below)
  • Blogs
  • Plastic bag holder (from a dish towel)
  • New afghan pattern, yarn, and hook
  • Piano and music
  • Books to read
 Here's the prayer notebook I spent spare minutes on this week:

Just writing the list of projects I am trying to work on makes me want to go do something. But for tonight, I am enjoying a few moments of unhurried blog writing while basking in candle perfume.

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