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Caught You!

6:30 am Wednesday, dewy gorgeousness.

Almost tulip-like, I was delighted to capture this beautiful delicate poppy as it was opening. Poppy buds spring into bloom so quickly! All Monday and Tuesday the bud below was pointed skyward, waiting to "pop".

7:30 am Tuesday.
 Notice the next bud on the left-hand side.

6:25 am Wednesday, still very dewy before the sun reaches it.

6:30 am Wednesday

7:30 am Wednesday in the early morning light.

7:40 am Wednesday, opening beautifully.

8:30 am Wednesday, still some dew drops.

10 am Wednesday, a saucer-shaped delicacy.

12:30 Wednesday, head held high.
You can see the next bud, promising of more delights in a few days time.

4:30 pm Wednesday

Thursday the flower was almost as beautiful, remaining fully open all night and through the day. This morning, Friday, after some rain and wind it's looking a little bruised. Another day or two and it will drop its petals and concentrate on maturing it's seed pod......and the next bud! What an amazing flower the "humble" poppy is. It has given me much pleasure to watch these poppies grow and bloom.

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