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Daisy Wonder

With excitement I have watched a different African Daisy plant growing larger and it's first flower maturing from bud to bloom. The photos here trace a two week time frame.

August 26th

5 days later

Next morning

4 days later (5th September) 8 am.

4:45 pm  same day

2 days later - 7th September - 5pm

Next day (today) 7:30 am

Today - the plant is thriving, rich with the promise of many more flowers.

Today, 9 am

Today, 3pm - during the middle of the day the "petals" flop right back.

Today, 5pm - "petals" now level again.

I have found it fascination observing the differences between the African Daisies I bought together as mixed pink/purple seedlings. There are subtle differences in colours, petal shapes and sizes, centres and growth habits of the plants.
The joy of new surprises to follow each day!

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