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Hazy Sunday

Another beautiful day, learning more of the depths of God's grace and of believing what He says about our true identity in Christ........ to believe and agree with God. After our pastor finished sharing, J was off to enjoy flying his planes.
 It's quite hazy here today, mostly smoke from controlled hazard-reduction fires. After our wetter than average year there is extra vegetation to dry in the heat of summer, posing greater bushfire risks.

Tiny Wahlenbergia / Australian bluebell

I love the tiny wild flowers which grow, dotted amongst the grass on the church property.

An after church swim is bit of a tradition amongst the younger children. It's certainly warm enough to restart this tradition today, a sunny 33 C/90 F and the water becoming warmer by the day.

The perfect opportunity to test out the pool toys from last week birthday gifts!

Do you want to know what the children were trying to convince us of????  See this post.....

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