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Hippeastrums with a History

A few weeks ago I noticed some plants struggling for light under our ever-growing plumbago bush. On closer inspection I recognised them and hippeastrums, then I remembered my parents had brought some with them to plant in our garden about 10 years ago.

6th September

My mother, a keen gardener, had collected the bulbs from the family farm where both my father and I grew up. She took them to their new home in town when Mum and Dad retired early (due to my father's  Parkinson's disease and dementia).

11th Sept - 7:30 am

Several months passed and we bought our first home. There was some garden work to be done when one of our fences was replaced. Mum and Dad brought a few plants with them, including some hippeastrums, which Dad dug holes for and helped plant in a bare space.

11th Sept - 12:30 pm

When I rediscovered these plants recently I dug up all three bulbs and relocated them to a better spot, far from the huge plumbago. I wasn't sure if they would survive, the bulbs were slightly damaged - it's hard to dig under a plumbago bush.

11th Sept - 5:30 pm

To my delight they have begun to thrive and even flower in their new spot. As I look at them flowering they hold extra significance for me now. My father passed away last year, a shadow of his former self. Mum visited one day last week (her town is about 2 hours drive from us) and was quite pleased to see the hippeastrums again.

12th Sept - 8 am

See how quickly the flowers open up when the time is right! Here is the first flower.

12th Sept - 9:30 am

12th Sept - 9:30 am

12 Sept - 9:30 am

This is the second flower on the flower spike, fit to spring open.

12 Spet - 10:15 am

Just 45 minutes later and they are both fully open.

12 Sept - 11:15

12th Sept - 11:30

12th Sept - 12:15

12th Sept - 12:15

One little stamen about to split at the top.

12th Sept - 4 pm

We had a shower of rain during the afternoon. The first stamen is half open now.

13th Sept - 7:45 am

13th Sept - 10 am

13th Sept - Noon

In the space of two hours the stamens have all fully opened.

14th Sept - 1:15 pm

Today is the 15th and they still look like this. More buds are filling out ready to repeat the miracle again and again. Joy, wonder, satisfaction and memories are mine as I keep watch.

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