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"Tree & Leaf"

Late yesterday I had the pleasure of attending (most of) the opening of an exhibition at out local art gallery. I had never attending an exhibition opening before and this one was rather special as the artists, who are sisters, are cousins of mine. Patrycia is giving details of one of her paintings here while Jenny watches from the corner. Some of the pieces, like the ones above, were collaborative works.


It was a thrill to be there and hear them speak of places and people familiar to me as family, then take time afterwards to have a chat and a closer look. Two of my daughters came also.

Their exhibition is titled "Tree & Leaf" and will be on view for several weeks. Both cousins were excited to see the addition of some red dots after their artist's talks.

A wonderful display of local landscape paintings by Peter Lane was also opening yesterday in another section of the gallery, well worth a look for those who may have opportunity to enjoy a visit.

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