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"Not Up, Not In"

My Dad had a saying, "Not up, not in" which he used in golf to encourage us to aim at least as far as the pin/hole, implying it's better to go past the pin than not even reach the pin. If you don't even reach the pin, you have no chance of the ball going in.

A few weeks ago I had noticed some of the cover photos on our weekly, free paper were a bit "ordinary". Then I read the invitation to email photos in (last sentence also accompanying today's photo) so I emailed this photo, which I shared on my blog at the time, and it was requested for publication.

This morning when I collected our paper from the front lawn, this is what I saw. If I hadn't have sent my tentative email, this photo would never have been published.  It's worth having a go rather than be left wondering if you could have made it - a lesson for many areas of life. "Not up, not in".

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