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Very Pretty

Come and enjoy some of the delights I found in another neighbour's garden. With an open invitation I gratefully explored their yard with my camera.

 A special highlight was this beautiful Australian native "bush" orchid. Each tiny flower is only about 1/2" or 1cm across, about the same size as the creamy bush orchid flowers I showed last week which another neighbour grows. They are so delicate and pretty. This time I've included photo which shows the plant structure more clearly.


A grevillea, another native plant

This last flower is a purple petrea (thank you Eva), it grows on a strong vine/bush. It appears to be two flowers in one with the smaller flower opening out of the centre of the long-petalled flower - quite fascinating.

I'm very grateful for wonderful neighbours on all sides. Thank you L and P for your kind invitation - there will be more delights to share another time.

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