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Bottlebrush - Callistemon Endeavour

Callistemon, commonly known as bottlebrush, is another incredible Australian native shrub/small tree. There are several varieties with flowers in reds, yellows, pinks and greens.

We planted this particular bottlebrush as a small plant just over 12 months ago. The bush is now nearly as tall as me and its first flower is just opening. I have loved following its progress, let me share it with you.

18th Sept - 16 days ago

29th Sept - 5 days ago

1st Oct - three days ago

3rd Oct 8:30am - yesterday

3rd 8:30am - yesterday morning

3rd Oct 1pm - yesterday

3rd Oct 5pm - yesterday afternoon

4th Oct 7am - this morning

4th Oct 3pm - this afternoon

Isn't it beautiful! I believe God is incredibly creative and the author of all beauty. I have so enjoyed closely watching the little buds open up to reveal their squiggly nests of stamens which then unwound into a starburst. When fully opened the complete flower appears as a bottlebrush in shape.

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