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Further Fading of the Honeymoon Effect

Even though I’ve been wrestling with some pretty heavy emotions on our weekend get-away, I have also enjoyed myself. Immensely.

On this vacation I was looking forward to:

a) sleeping in

b) shopping for a few clothing items

c) reading for hours

d) watching a movie or two with Wonderful Husband

Check, check, check and check.

On Saturday afternoon, as we were sitting in our suite, I was reminded of our honeymoon, a little over two years ago. I couldn’t help but chuckle, however, because I noticed one key difference. See if you can pick it out.

Here are two photos from the one rainy afternoon we spent in our cabin on our honeymoon:

And here are two more photos from our one afternoon spent in our suite on this little vacation:

Can you see what’s different?

Yep, you got it.

Honeymoon: “I want to be with you all the time! I’m so happy we can finally be together whenever we want! Whatever you’re doing, I want to do too!”

Now: “I love you. I’m glad I’m here with you. You can do what you want, but this is what I want to do right now.”

Don’t get me wrong; we enjoyed each other’s company on this vacation and the pictures, of course, do not show the time we did get to spend laughing and talking and cuddling together.

But isn’t the contrast just kind of funny? While doing premarital counseling and learning about the ‘honeymoon effect’ and how it would wear off between one and two years, I thought, “Never! That just doesn’t sound like fun at all. I want to feel this romantic for my entire marriage.”

Yeah. Suuuuuuure, Hillary.

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