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Gentle Tenacity

Yesterday we went to my parents-in-love coastal home on the bay to have time with them and some extended family on holidays from interstate. Last night I realised there was a common theme to most the photos I took - a gentle tenacity to make the most of less-than-ideal circumstances.

Our interstate relatives (keen on fishing and brought their boat) chose to stay a few hours longer so we could have most the day together before they headed towards home. We so appreciated their willingness to adjust their plans.

While the adventurers were off in search of fish and new sights, some of us took a bayside walk. High tide brought the water right up to the base of this very old coral tree, some of it's branches dipping in the salty water. I was amazed that it could even survive in the sand and salt.

Miss E, full of courage and determination, attempting to follow older sisters.

The pelicans make the most of the manmade additions to their environment.

Home again, past the coral trees.

A mangrove seedling trying to make a start, I will check to see if it's still there on our next visit.

This is the one which really stunned me, a gazania growing in the sand on the water's edge. No wonder they manage to survive without any attention in my home garden! The word "Tenacious" stuck with me the rest of the day. I'm sure I can learn a thing or two from these images which took my attention and remain in my mind.

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