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I can't keep up!

Wow, my blog has been so neglected lately.  I have great plans and think of blog posts I need to make and then get up in the morning and am pulled 17 different ways before eight o'clock, and that's the QUIET part of my day!  LOL

I was talking with a friend about school this year.  I'm not gonna lie - three kids, three different curriculums, three different Heart of Dakota programs going makes for a BUSY day.  Add in the fact that these little darlings think they should eat at regular intervals and want to wear clean clothes and such, and something has to give a bit.  Apparently that something is blogging. 

I really do enjoy blogging though.  I love to look back through old posts and seeing how the kids have grown and what we were doing a couple of years ago.  I completely dropped off the Project 365 bandwagon.  After Troy died and then having surgery a couple of weeks later, I just couldn't keep up.  I will say - I did P365 for 2009 and 2010, and although it's nice having all of those pictures, it's been nice to take my camera when I want to rather than feeling obligated to come up with some sort of picture for the day.

I do have some fun pictures for a week in review post (um yeah ... I know ... MONTH in review at this point) that include a couple of field trips we've done recently.  They are on my laptop - and that's another blogging hindrance.  The girls use my laptop for a couple of their classes, which means my laptop time is reduced.

(Um.  Retitling this post:  in which Melanie makes a bunch of excuses.)

Hopefully I'll get some laptop time and will be able to do a couple of field trip posts!  Plus we've had a few cute snack days and other fun stuff. 


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