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Misty Morn

A lovely misty Sunday morning, perfect for an early morning walk. Fig Tree Avenue looked somewhat dreamy. Some folks were out walking, others were off fishing in the river.

One garden I passed had these lovely flowers, still wet from yesterday's afternoon thunderstorm as well as dew.

A beautiful old gate and fence along my way, we live in an older area of town.

An "old friend" to greet me on my return home, in exactly the same spot as I found him a few days ago.

Loving watching my blueberries grow. The plant is doing better now that I have removed it from its pot and established it in the garden.

Just at this point the sun came through the mist. I think my pansies are having a little party in the sunshine.

While on my walk I was amazed at how many different birds I could hear. Several times I saw some rainbow lorikeets but wasn't able to snap one. I was delighted when mid-morning this fellow perched on our deck railing. As you can see from the white transfers, I'm still inside the glass door. He made a hasty getaway once we came closer, not before doing a little turn-around for me to catch. Hoping he may return soon, wonder if he may even be the same one who has been friendly in the last year or two.

Hope you day holds joys and beauties too.

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