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Sensational Ordinary

An ordinary Sunday, I nearly didn't make it to church, one of the children had a bothersome headache.
I almost decided to leave my camera at home, after all, we go to church every Sunday. Just another pre church fly....and more weeds and kangaroos....

But there's no other day like today, the gift of "the present".

The weed flowers were fresh and brighter this morning,

The kangaroos were seeking shade early from today's warm spring sun. This particular kangaroo is missing half an ear, maybe from constantly jumping through just barbed wire fences.

A "weed" flower I had never seen/noticed before. When I looked carefully I found it had a three pistils sticking out, not ordinary at all.

Then we went into church for an "ordinary" Sunday, and as our "normal"wise and loving pastor spoke, new pearls of revelation became clear, wonderful discoveries which had been hidden to me all these years, about the Hoy Spirit interceding on our behalf (for us, not just as we pray for others - Romans 8:27). God is so gracious.

Every person is a gift to this world, with talents and abilities to be a blessing and a gift to our community, our family and the world beyond.

Like this tiny frog which I nearly overlooked in the church garden, there are treasures to be discovered everyday. Nothing and no one is ordinary, all is sensational and full of wonder for those who have ears and eyes to "see".

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