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Spring Babies

Just when I thought our poppies had popped their last, these two tiny poppies burst into colour atop their long thin stems. I'm amazed at their delicate little cups.

One of the blue wren fledglings lost its way, long enough for me to catch a photo, before following it's father frantic cheeps into the safely of the plumbago bush.

Little "Friend or Foe?" turned out to be a katydid and kept growing, as did the number of holes in my flower petals.....

A new resident in our yard, a juvenile blue tongue lizard, sure to keep our garden snail free.

Growing between some bricks, I love the delicate curves and the tenacity of this fern. There are several other varieties of ferns performing similar habitat creation amongst the brickwork.

A taste of the extraordinary things happening in our rather ordinary yard over the last week, each of which could have easily been completely overlooked.

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