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Week in Review - Weeks 4, 5, 6, 7 ... the Middle One

Because I'm combining four weeks on my Week In Review post, I decided to separate it by child so I'm not ending up with humongous long blog posts.  :)

The middle one! 
Can I just say that I really like fifth grade?  It seems like some kind of groove kicks in at about that time, and school just kind of rocks along.  I love it!

She is moving right along with Bob Jones Reading 5 and English 5, and with Teaching Textbooks math 5.  I have to brag on her a little - we talked about neatness when doing math problems, and from that moment on, her notebook where she works out math problems has been perfectly neat and easy to follow.  She has also done a lot better on her big multiplication problems.  Wonder if these things could be related ... ;)

She really enjoyed the unit in Reading about puppets and made several rather interesting puppets that her brother destroyed before I pictured.  :(  I need to get her to make another one, especially the one with the grocery bags!  It was darling!

She is writing a business letter in English, and her letter is going to be written to Dairy Queen requesting that they add a nutella blizzard to their menu.  Awesome!

In her Heart of Dakota, I have to say that we are LOVING the book Tirzah!

It is offering a perspective about the Israelites fleeing Egypt that I hadn't thought of before.  I love it when authors really draw the readers into a story.  We are both anxious to see what happens next!

Also, she is really enjoying Usborne Internet Linked Ancient World, and looks forward to pulling it out and telling me all about it.
In history, she in in the middle of the desert.  ha!  She has fled Pharoah and Egypt but not made it to the Promised Land yet.

When I take pics of the oldest's notebook, I will take pics of the middle one's history notebook.  Both girls have projects from various Draw and Write through History guides, and let me tell you - these are TREASURES!  The middle one did frogs this week (from one of the plagues in Egypt).  Fabulous!

In Science, she has gone from the Arctic Tundra to the Cactus Desert.  She is enjoying the One Small Square books and the science she is learning.

For Bible, she is mainly doing her AWANA guide.  There is Bible entwined with both her history and science, and we are pleased with that. 

Okay, I think that's it for the middle one these past few weeks.  I'll write up a post for the little one in a bit.  :)

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