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A New Purple Sea

 The glorious jacaranda "purple rain" is coming to an end as the agapanthus are coming into full bloom. One sea of purple replacing another as several road-side garden strips are mass planted with agapanthus, mostly light purple, some white and an occasional deep purple. There are also many beautiful purple flower heads within people's own yards.

Earlier this month I found this flower head beginning to split open.

Nine days later the same flower head is gradually maturing a little more each day.

The three photos above were all taken early one morning. You can see the anthers just beginning to break open.

By early afternoon the anthers were open, pollen fully exposed.

As I was turning to leave I found a new bud on another agapanthus plant, rippling with purple florets just beneath the skin - can you can see the tinge of purple? More miracles about to burst into the big world for all to see.

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