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Company's Coming

We had some friends over for the afternoon back in October.  It is so nice to socialize with fellow Moms, kids, and homeschooler's!  Time for another afternoon Megan!
 *Please note:  Beautiful blue plate was found at Goodwill (along with 2 others)!  I am becoming a thrift store lover.  I used to be very discouraged at this 'hobby' but have a friend who insisted it was worth it.  So I exercised the habit a bit and realized that even though the finds are not guaranteed, they sure bring some fun when they happen!  This thrift store thing has actually become a stress release for me-on those days when your husband comes home and you beg to be let go from parenting duties for a bit, you might catch me at Goodwill! :O)  My sister-in law apparently has the same outings once in a while!
 The camera always begs to take pictures of the ladies when it comes out...

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