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Garden Who's Who

We are all familiar with ladybugs and this is a variety I hand't noticed in our garden before. It's rather small and oval shaped and cute!

Above and below hold the answer to yesterday's question. Both taken this morning, you can see the baby avocados growing. Above shows some of the top of our tree, each avocado being only about 3cm (one and a half inches) long at this stage. Below is the largest avocado we have on the tree at the moment, about 5cm or two inches long. In a few months they will be large enough to begin picking. They ripen after they are picked.

Yesterday I discovered our yard is home to numerous citrus stink bugs. Now the one above is not too much of a worry, but the big fat ones below are quite numerous and being about 2cm or an inch long, they can be destructive to plants and can burn/stain people and give off a stinky smell when disturbed. I might need to look into removing them....

This pair looks like a mirror image, you can see the dead tip of the citrus plant, not good, yet still fascinating.

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