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Meet Glad

13th Sept

I've known Glad for a long time, rejoicing over her safe arrival into the big world. She quickly grew before my eyes and became a long, lanky green thing. I watched patiently, looking for signs of maturity and colour.

Then it happened! Late Tuesday afternoon I spotted some strange new and deep spots of colour among the messy mix of plants and weeds which come with spring. I gasped with joyful surprise and rushed downstairs with my camera for a closer inspection. Not much to see but I knew the morning would bring with it a different story.

Yesterday morning brought the grand unveiling for which I had been hoping, and I wasn't disappointed!

As heavy rain was forecast for the day, I picked young Glad to bring her inside for safe-keeping.

Today Glad is quite the mature young woman, elegant in all her ways don't you think.

Glad will continue to be a delight for some time to come and she has some cousins who are about to join her also! Another reason for joy this Thanksgiving Day.

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