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New Eyes

"The voyage of of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes
 but in having new eyes"
                                                    (Marcel Proust)   

This is the 14th spring we have attended our current church, presumably the 14th time this shedding of bark has happened before my eyes and yet I have not "seen" it.

It's not just one tree, but several middle sized trees and a large tree, all the same type, splitting off the old beauty to reveal an even more marvellous new beginning.

Just like new revelations on God's grace and love which keep appearing before my eyes, and the eyes of others, as our humble pastor shares week after week of new depths he is learning also.

Over 45 years, since I was a babe, I have attended churches regularly and yet there is more and still more and greater to heart-learn.

God's love, His everlasting kindness, is steadfast, regardless of our behaviour. His love is perfect and unconditional.
All He asks is we take Jesus as our Lord and receive His love.

God's love is extravagant. We can only rest in the goodness of God, not our own goodness. To know and rest in His love for us, not ours for him. The challenge is to live the fullness of this realisation, to let it be my being.

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