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Purple Rain

Jacarandas! Our town has hundreds of these beautiful South American trees lining the streets and they are all out in full bloom right now. Everywhere you look, you can't help but see wonderful hues of purple.

Some of the major streets are planted both sides with jacarandas as far as the eye can see, quite sensational.

Many of these trees are huge and over 100 years old with initial major plantings beginning in the 1880's. In other areas new jacaranda trees have been planted to replace those lost to age, storms or infrastructure upgrades. There are even a few white jacarandas.

The jacarandas are constantly dropping their flowers, like gentle purple rain 24/7, producing a purple carpet beneath.

                                                                                                                                                    Available for purchase here

This week is peak season for tourists in our town with various annual activities planned for this time each year to coincide with the short jacaranda flowering season. I have played the tourist on a couple of occasions over the last few days, joyfully taking photos of this wonderful sea of purple.

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