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Snippets From Home

I made these for an older friend's birthday on the weekend (yes, all from my blog, photos printed at our local department store). We also gave her a small potted hydrangea. She was delighted with both, particularly the cards.

This wonderful purple carpet continues to renew itself each day, however the jacarandas are nearly finished their flowering and will soon grow beautiful green leaves again.

Only a few weeks of school to go here in Australia before our main break for the year (6 weeks over our summer). Early one morning I found this son finishing his last Maths pages while still in bed. He has begun working on "next year's" Maths program online. Now if only he was half as enthusiastic about his other school subjects.....

The nashi pear flower, even more mature. Three more flowers have since opened as well as many fresh new leaves bringing the tree to life.

"I did it all by myself! I like the tiger and elephant best." Proclaims Miss 3 of our 108 piece Sydney Taronga Zoo puzzle.

With rain and heat the weeds and garden plants are growing quickly. A lovely long grevillea flower spike begins to open.

Always seems to be something happening, growing or changing, usually for the better.

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