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Delightful Brights

A 6pm walk in the pleasant warmth of a mild summer's day yielded more delights than expected. The Rainbow Lorikeet is one of our magnificently colourful, medium-sized native parrots. They fly around (even in town) in pairs and in flocks, noisily squawking as they go. They eat mostly fruit, pollen and nectar. The pair in this small native eucalyptus tree were busy feeding on nectar, until they flew off. At times we have even seen a pair in our own backyard.

Being an older area of town, there are some beautiful and unique older houses. The tree in the photo above is a frangipani with unusually large, pink flowers.

 This agapanthus is one of the less common, very dark purple flowering ones. There is an abundance locally of the mauve and also white agapanthus, as seen in the photo above this one.

A beautiful and bright finish to my day.

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