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Gardening and Appointments

A lovely cool summer's day, just right for a little weeding, digging and planting this morning. We are slowly progressing towards the finish line for this year's school work as the children gradually recover from a nasty cold.

I couldn't resist adding a pink flowering strawberry to our small collection of white and red flowering strawberry plants.

A punnet of six petunia seedlings, now planted out, have replaced the poolside parsley which has gone to seed.

A dental appointment and a visit to the optometrist to choose glasses frames were planned with one young princess for the afternoon. However by early afternoon it was clear that our teenage son desperately needed to see a doctor today for his asthma, a week after coming down with the cold. Thankfully my husband was able to slip out from work to accompany him while I was at the dentist with princess. Pathology, chemist etc all done and medical certificate for my husband who now has the nasty cold too....

Coming home from a late grocery shop I was greeted by the smells of a delicious Indian vegetable curry which my eldest was cooking for dinner. Having a wonderful adult child at home is such a blessing, especially on days like today.
The finale of my afternoon....eating the big, fat strawberry from the top photo, yum!

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