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Home Again, and Giggling

First, thank you all for the concern and prayers regarding my last post.  I really am doing okay, it's just that some days are hard.  I know you all know what I mean.

We got home safely, and I really just have a minute to post, but I am totally giggling and have to share.

Our Christmas ornaments have been through a lot.  Some have been through several moves, and most were not top quality to begin with.  I started a series of Disney ornaments about 19 years ago with the intention of saving them up and then giving them to my nephew when he was old enough to have his own tree.

Not gonna happen.  Sorry, nephew.

These ornaments really were so cute to start out.  Various Disney characters, brightly colored and cheery.  Through the years though, well, they have shown some wear and tear.

My oldest commented that opening the Christmas decoration box is a combination of Christmas and Halloween all in one.  Peter Pan is missing an arm.  Scrooge McDuck is missing a leg.  The number of intact dalmations is way less than 101.  The worst off is poor Snow White.  I am not sure what the dwarfs did to her, but she is missing a head.  (The only dwarf that is still here is grumpy.  'Nuff said.)

Now I can't stop giggling at the Christmas/Halloween tree.

At least it looks really pretty when it's dark and the lights are on!

(And yes, pictures are to come.  My memory card is full of pics from our trip and I've been afraid to get them off because I'm hoping that the perfect Christmas card pic is on there, and I don't want to be disappointed!)

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