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Layer Upon Layer

You may recall the Zinnia Delight post which traced the almost daily development of one particular zinnia  flower from the tight bud (below) through to the beautiful flower it was becoming. Being the first zinnia flower I had ever grown, I couldn't wait to share the joys of its beauty with you.

29th November

Below is the stage at which we left this zinnia flower in the earlier time lapse series. Let me share the rest of the story with you, right up to today.....

8th December
9th Dec
11th Dec
12th Dec
13th Dec
14th Dec
15th Dec
16th Dec
17th Dec
18th Dec
Today, 19th Dec

A long-lasting, ever-changing flower, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching and photographing this zinnia. There are several other zinnia flowers in the garden of various colours yet none of them have had the number of layers nor depth of this particular flower.

The photo at the top of this post was taken just a few minutes ago, looking deep into the heart of the zinnia. Thank you for letting me share the fun with you! A joy shared is a joy multiplied indeed.

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