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Morning Walk

Nice and sunny with blue skies today, spent quietly at home as the children recover from their colds.
This gave me opportunity for an early walk, so I can to show you the beautiful poincianas in splendid daylight.

I passed one of the many railway viaducts around town. They are all well sign posted to warn drivers of their low clearance levels.

However as you can see, this one along with most other local viaducts, shows evidence of many roof-top experiences!!!

Many thanks to Mark who has identified this tree for me as Brachychiton, an Australian native commonly called Pink Kurrajong or Pink Lacebark. Apparently it is a relative of the Australian Flame Tree and Bottle Tree. I can see the resemblance in the tree but the flowers are rather unique. There are several planted through local streets, gracing us with large pink furry flowers.

Love the front of this Bed and Breakfast and had planned to take some photos of their street front garden until a resident dog decided I wasn't welcome. This seven bedroom home is over 100 years old and was once surrounded by large rose gardens. It must have been spectacular at it's peak.

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