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Sshhh.....You'll Wake the Neighbours!

Early this morning Miss G and Miss E were still asleep on an air-matress on the floor. The joys of holidays. Soon most were up, ready for a day of flying, fishing, jobs and play.

Master J couldn't resist an early morning fly from the front lawn with his light-weight r.c. glider plane (no motor and therefore silent) before the wind became too strong again. However he quickly drew the attention of a very noisy flock of corellas who wanted to fly with this amazing new "bird"!

I asked J to stop, we didn't want to wake all the neighbours so early! One of the children caught the incident on their iPod, maybe when we return home to decent internet connection we'll try to upload onto YouTube. It was quite amazing to experience. (Now uploaded, you'll find the link here).

When J landed his plane the corellas had a brief rest in a nearby tree before flying away.

Ah yes, this is a quieter early morning fly.....

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