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Upside Down Flower

Wanted to share this little flower with you from my parents'-in-love garden. Between gusts of wind (still very windy) I've taken photos of different flowers to show the opening process. Quite a fascinating upside down flower with petals which curl right back once open and change colour as the flower matures.

I suspect it is becoming a nuisance in the garden as its leaf tips curl around surrounding plants allowing it to climb over other vegetation like a vine, but I do like the flowers!

A big thank you to all who have been leaving comments while we're on holidays. The internet connection here is so slow it has taken many, many attempts intermittently over many hours to even upload these photos and text. I am not able to visit blogs or leave comments until we return home in a few days. It will be a treat indeed to be back to our "normal" internet access. Thank you for being understanding, it certainly is lovely to be able to share some of our holidays and read your wonderful comments.

UPDATE: Thank you to Bernie who has correctly identified this plant as the Gloriosa Lily. When I asked my parents-in-love if they knew what it was, my FIL said it had a very long and difficult name to pronounce and then proceeded to spell it for me "W-E-E-D"! MIL was a little more helpful and thought it was a lily of some sort.

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