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A New Love

If you had asked me two days ago if I had ever seen an Australian native bee I would have said "No". I knew next to nothing about native bees and had no idea they were happily buzzing away in my own garden until yesterday. This morning I found they were still enjoying my garden (which may well be their home). Then I noticed a larger bee.....

These are Blue Banded Bees, another species of Australian native bee which are larger than the first native bees I "discovered", have a furry golden thorax and quite different eyes. I have found quite a number of both species in the front and back yard today.

They love feeding on the nectar from many different flowers in the garden, the Australian Everlasting Daisies proving to be quite popular today! I'm learning to move slowly, take time to stand still and listen as well as look when I take a walk around the garden.

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