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Master J (nearly 17) has always wanted to be a pilot. The best next step forward is for him to complete his last two years of schooling in a small local high school with particular attention to Maths and Physics, as well as other required subjects for pilot training. Up to now, we have home schooled all the children. School in Australia entails school uniforms, freshly purchased this afternoon. A rather happy-sad moment.

Earlier this afternoon Master J sat the theory test (with a perfect score) to obtain his car Learner Driver's licence. Only one problem....he can't legally learn to drive in our only family vehicle, a 14 seater mini-bus. There will be a small car joining the family soon, which will be very useful for more than learning to drive.

                                                                                                                                                     Available for purchase here

Sunshine came our way today and yesterday's gerbera bud-to-flower was quick to throw open its beauty for us to enjoy. It's a very bright and happy colour.

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