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Delectable Day

Warm homemade croissants, too delicious to pass up! Miss E (19) completed making several trays in time for morning tea, served with jam and cream.

"There's one of your bug friends on the screen door!" I grabbed my camera to investigate. This little Spotted Flower Chafer was inside the house. "Mummy's talking to an insect".....Carefully I pried him off the screen and took him outside where he happily flew away just after I snapped this.

Master T (12) has been very keen to make hot cross buns. Doubling a recipe from a rather old book, he had to convert the measurements from imperial to metric. I caught him half way through and discovered he had no intention of reading the instructions, instead he was just adding all the ingredients to a large bowl. Too late to do anything else, I left him to the mixing and kneading. With a little instruction from Miss E he made two and a half trays of jumbo buns, crossing them ready for baking.

He even made and applied the glaze to make them look and taste even better.

They were a hit with everyone!

One of the other delights of my day  - finally capturing some shots of this lovely "Blue Triangle Butterfly" which I have seen flying around our yard recently. Love the colours!

This one looks like it's seen better days, yet it's still very beautiful.

Hope you are able to find something "delectable" in your day too!

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