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When I saw these in the garden one evening recently I didn't know what they were. They have a resemblance to ladybugs but they certainly don't look like lady bugs. Then I had a lightbulb moment - maybe they are ladybug larvae!
A google search confirmed my suspicion.

I had never thought about lady bug larva before. The larvae hatch from tiny yellow eggs and shed their skin four times, changing appearance each time. I think these larvae are near the end of their changes, almost ready to pupate.

Late yesterday Little Miss E showed me "something strange" she had found low on a tree. It's a brand new adult ladybug just hatched from its pupa case!

When the adults first emerge their spots aren't visible, they apparently become visible over a few hours as their exoskeleton hardens.

The pupal stage lasts one to two weeks, which accounts for the spider web.

Early this morning I went looking for the ladybug but it had flown to a safer spot, leaving the empty pupa shell behind.

No spotty ladybugs today but I did find another spotty Oleander Butterfly feeding on our Duranta shrub.

As you may have guessed, I love butterflies!

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