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Master J had a very good first day (ever) at school yesterday. Today he is wearing his uniform as his class mates do, shirt untucked and no belt, unlike yesterday when he wore it "properly" and looked much smarter - but he is happy.
Here he is off to catch a school bus for the first time, quietly confident and a little nervous.

Mission accomplished!

While watching big brother waiting for his bus, the younger ones discovered numerous tadpoles in the street-front grassy gutter, proof of our very wet weather. Our latest "pet" adventure, currently being fed boiled lettuce.

Late yesterday Master J mowed our front lawn but our backyard was still too damp underfoot. Then last night we had 129mm ( 5") of rain, most falling within a couple of hours. This is the view today from the back deck across our neighbours' yards. The ground is so wet, the water is just sitting. The river is rising slowly but the rain has thankfully stopped. I dare not complain, one man in a nearby town lost his life in the flash flooding over a road last night.
Very sobering.

A huge staghorn adorns a neighbour's tree, looks like it has been thriving in all the rain.

I'm off to greet Master J, he's due back on the school bus any minute....

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