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Gratitude Journal - 341 - 350

341.  Maybe I should be thankful that this blog still has readers, as inconsistently as I've been posting! 

342.  For chick fil a tortilla soup!  I had some today for lunch and it was quite yummy!

343.  HALFWAY THROUGH WITH SCHOOL!!  WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH WITH SCHOOL!!  I am definitely thankful to be where we are with this school year.  Each child is doing well and did I mention that we are HALFWAY THROUGH???

344.  I made a meal last night that everybody in my family enjoyed.  Will the wonders ever cease?  It was chicken and dumplings, which I've made before several times.  This was a new, super easy, recipe, in the crock pot, and they loved it.  It will definitely be added to our regular menu!  I love it when I make a meal that everybody likes. 

345.  We really did have a fabulous Christmas and New Year's.  We were able to spend both with my family, so it was nice to be able to visit. 

346.  For a very smooth first day of co-op, and realizing that I missed it over the break.  I also realized that I am really enjoying it this year, as are each of my children.  This is an enormous blessing!

347.  For filling out our calendar and plans for the remainder of the year, and realizing that we will be finishing right when I would like to. 

348.  For being gently pushed out of my comfort zone in some areas, and being shoved out of there in some other areas, and realizing that where He calls, He equips. 

349.  For the rain the last week.  It is really odd to have a drought here, which we had last summer and fall.  There has been quite a bit of rain over the last month or so though, which has been really nice.

350.  For this.  Adoption final for my nephews, now brother/nephews.

I will be linking up with A Holy Experience today.  Hop on over and read some more gratitude journals!

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