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I am still here.  :)

I actually have several blog posts in progress.  We are back in the swing of regular life around here, so maybe I'll be able to get back in the swing of regular blogging as well.  Or maybe not.  We'll see.

That's what I like best about me.  I'm consistent.  Haha~!!

I love getting back into a normal routine. 
The house has been de-Christmas-fied.
The kids are back working on school things.
The New Years resolutions are written.
The leftovers are being eaten/planned for/frozen.

That is kind of the way I like it.  I'm always anxious to get the Christmas stuff out and get all decorated, but I am equally anxious to get it all put back away and get the house back in order as soon as the last present is opened!

Ah ... schedules ... routines ... calendars ... menus ... BACK TO NORMAL!!

Blogging?  We'll see ...  :D

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