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Humbly Remembering

12th Jan 2011
The Sailing club is built below the levy wall, designed to cope with flooding.

Exactly 12 months ago today our town had a very near miss with major flooding. Many other Australian towns didn't fare so well last January. This afternoon I took a quiet photo walk, humbling remembering and thanking God for sparing us. We have so much to be grateful for.

Today, 12th  Jan 2012

12th Jan 2011

Today, 12th Jan 2012

12th Jan 2011

12th Jan 2012

I shared more on this near-flood experience last July. The media coverage of other towns, cities and country-side which were badly flooded, as well as lives which were tragically lost, added to our own sense of vulnerability. In my July flood post I mentioned some of the changes and impact this had on me/us. It was in the wake of this experience which I started this blog, a concrete reminder to help me focus on the good and positive things surrounding me, choosing contentment and gratefulness everyday.

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