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Insect Booking Sheet

Large Citrus Butterfly - Australian

"I'm thinking that the insects and small creatures in your garden are fond of your camera - it's almost like one of them has a clipboard with a booking sheet and they're all scheduling in a time amongst each other for when they're going to be on show incase that nice human comes out with her camera." 

So read the first half of a comment by my lovely friend from Seeing Each Day in response to Monday's post.
 I'm beginning to wonder if there may almost be some truth in this!

Early yesterday morning I had the pleasure of capturing some photos of a Large Citrus Butterfly as it hovered over our plumbago, never once sitting still.

Yesterday afternoon two red dragonflies kept flying around and resting on the garden in our pool area.

Spotted Flower Chafer

Early this morning I found this beetle sunning itself on an everlasting/straw daisy. I have never seen one of these before.

It must have had some thistle seed "hairs" stuck underneath.

Reaching over to open our garden gate to camera-check the front yard, I felt something....then I looked. I think I'll look first from now on! He was still there an hour later.

 Now this variety of green grasshopper which I also found today is much more to my taste (visually) in grasshoppers!

This morning (notice the everlasting daisy is still closed up - they open each sunny day and close again) even a fly looked pretty in the sunlight.

Here's a flower on the same plant (I don't think it's the same flower, but it could be) this afternoon, fully open to the summer sun. So can you spot the insect? It was only as I zoomed it on the computer that I realised there is a tiny insect in the middle of the front row of yellow stamens.

Australian Native Bee

Last but not least on today's insect booking sheet is an Australian native bee. They are smaller than European bees and more efficient pollinators. Apparently there are around 2000 species of Australian native bees, most solitary (don't build bee hives). Some are stingless, others have a mild sting and are supposedly non-agressive. However as I tried to take several photos, about five of these little bees started buzzing all around me, I wasn't about to test the information I had just read, so left them in peace.

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