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Labybug Booking Sheet?

Seems to me the ladybugs in our garden have been running their own booking sheet! As I've been looking more carefully, there seems to be a whole new world waiting for me in the garden, almost an unseen realm often hidden from mind (reminds me of the spiritual realm with angles and demons). I have noticed so many different "new" insects, but for today let's enjoy the lovely lady bugs.

The circular ladybug above looks as if it's been polished. I love the little black lip around the edge.

Above and below are similar to the top one but not quite as circular or shiny. Each one has slightly different markings too. I presume each has a unique pattern and could be identified using their markings, like giraffes.

Here's something different, reminiscent of a big drop of black oil, yet definitely an insect/ladybug.

A couple I haven't seen before. Maybe we'll see more of them around in the future.

This shy little one has a more oval shape.

Black and yellow and covered in a fine dusty yellow fuzz.

I love the deeper colours of this one which I shared last week. All the others above I've spotted in the last few days.

This morning I wasn't expecting to find any new ladybugs but look what I found! I've never seen one like it before.

This Oleander Butterfly was out collecting nectar in this morning's sunshine.

No, not a ladybug but a delightful sight all the same.

Thank you for enjoying my finds with me today. It's just a year since I began blogging, I'm lost for words  to express how enriching this journey has been for me so far, let me just thank you for making it such an incredible experience.

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